• Hummingbird Shadow

  • Lazy Sunday afternoon

    Being content with nature, familiar or unexpected, is enriching us.

  • Barefoot in the wild garden

    A millefleur period inspired art piece, deliberately obscure and mysterious. The woman is strong and vulnerable at the same time. It is unclear whether she is guarded or guardian or whether the tiger is wild or tame. The garden is an oasis of order and peace in the chaotic jungle suggesting that the rules of …

  • Secret of Contention

    A teapot made from mulberry papermache with a mounted papercutting. The cutting shows a pond with turtles. One turtles sits on a log and lifts up his feet with the desire to fly like the butterflies and dragonflies. The other turtle is diving into its element, the water, where it is content. In the water the turtle feels weightless, …