About Lucrezia


My work is focused on themes that discuss the balance of nature and how nature touches our souls. I cut paper with scissors because to me the material and the production process reflects the delicacy and also the fragility of nature. The process of scissors cutting (Scherenschnitt) is like woodcutting or sculpting, in that you start with a blank resource and create the art by cutting parts of it away. All of my cuttings are cut out of a single sheet of paper; that means that the remaining design is still one piece of paper.
I am able to cut lines that are no thicker than a thread. This allows smallest details that help to construct pictures within pictures. The final art piece is glued onto white paper. I glue the paper only at selected places. This adds depth because the unglued parts are not flush with the matting board. I use these subtle depths differences also to guide the eye of the viewer over the artwork and have the image cast shadows.